Chiropractic Care for Newborns


Many of the moms that come to me during pregnancy choose to bring their babies to me as quickly as they can after birth to get their little spines checked and adjusted, if necessary. The process of going through the birth canal is a physically stressful process. Also consider the fact that there is often assistance to get baby out (both vaginally and via cesarean) whether its physically pulling with hands or using tools such as forceps and vacuum. The birth process is reason enough to get baby's spine checked for Neuro Spinal Tension whether they currently present symptoms or not. Neuro Spinal Tension may cause secondary conditions to be present with the most common ones that I see in babies being nursing and latch problems, colic, constipation, reflux, and ear infections (among others). Chiropractic adjustments for newborns are performed differently than they are for adults. Light fingertip pressure is used on specific areas within the spine and cranium (head) where tension is occurring. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to allow our bodies to be more at ease, able to adapt, and able to heal and function the way that we are designed to when we remove the Neuro Spinal Tension.

Stephanie BerryComment