Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women, Infants and Family.


Our Approach

Neuro Spinal Correction, for spinal tension & secondary conditions

At Mother Me Chiropractic, we're focused specifically on Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic care, which addresses the true underlying causes of any tension and issues you may be facing. Those issues can be back and neck specific, but can also be conditions you didn't know were really being affected by your spine and the nerves stemming from it. 

Click to learn more about our approach to Neuro Spinal Chiropractic care vs. Traditional Chiropractic care, and find out what other secondary conditions you may be able to treat with our approach.


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before & during Pregnancy

Whether you're struggling with pregnancy discomfort, or want your body to be in good shape for conceiving, we can help!


from 1 hour old to 1 year old

The birthing process and acclimating to our world can do a number on a baby's body. Our gentle care can do wonders.


adjustments for the whole crew

Our care doesn't stop helping after pregnancy or infancy! We can help your family be its healthiest at any life stage.


I've been a patient for several years, have brought most of my family, including my grandson when he was a newborn. I know I could not function without my weekly time under Dr. Stephanie's skilled hands. definitely one of the very best chiropractors in the Metroplex."