"Dr. Stephanie has been amazing . Because of my weekly visits during my pregnancy, my delivery was very easy and labor was 2 hours from start to finish without any drugs. There were no complications or tearing. I was up walking an hour after delivery. I now bring my newborn to get adjusted and as a result it has helped with his sleeping and digestion. I would highly recommend prenatal and postpartum care with Dr. Stephanie."

-Jessica, mom & police officer


"Before I met Dr. Stephanie I had constant lower back pain. I could really feel it when I tried to sleep at night. I attributed this to all the sports I played in high school and did not think I would find relief. I have been receiving care from Dr. Stephanie for about two years now and I can hardly remember the pain I was in. The pain subsided long ago, but I love to continue care with her because I also carry a lot of my stress in my back and shoulders, which she has also been a tremendous help with. She has been such a blessing in my life. "

-Lisa, professor & business owner

"I've loved having Dr. Stephanie's consistent care from the beginning of my pregnancy to the end. Totally a believer in the importance and helpfulness of chiropractic for a smooth pregnancy and delivery." 

-Abby, mom & business owner


"MotherMe Chiropractor is an absolute MUST when you are pregnant and even postpartum. I went at least once a week through a majority of my pregnancy, and that in combination with monthly massages and the guidance of the amazing doulas and the midwives at the Dallas Birth Center, are truly what helped me experience not only a wonderful pregnancy but an amazing 7.5 hour birth for my FIRST (yes I said my FIRST) child and all after being involved in a traumatic accident while early on in my pregnancy. Moreover, following the birth I had a lot of tension from nursing and holding my wonderful son CONSTANTLY and coming here has really helped me heal. I can't thank Dr. Stephanie enough for being not only efficient but considerate in her practice. Throughout my pregnancy she provided excellent care and helped to loosen my tight hips and ligaments and set me up for a successful and easy birth. I continued to see her following the birth and even brought the baby in for some adjustments as he was experiencing some tummy problems and was a fuss muffin. It says A LOT to trust someone with your brand new baby and I know every time I come here Beau is in excellent hands. I am incredibly thankful for the welcoming environment that is provided. I 100% recommend that you be kind to yourself and set yourself up for an easy birth by getting regular adjustments. Then after the birth, make sure you continue to care for yourself and your baby by getting adjustments and both of you will get more sleep (seriously- it works!)"

-Elise, stay at home mama